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We had installed 4 years ago with a major kitchen renovation. We have been going back an forth with the company to get repairs completed and have had no luck.

A year after install when we noticed the white edges under a chair we contacted the installer. They no longer were in business. So we went directly to the manufaturer. They would not help in any way since the warranty only covered manufacturing defects and nothing else.

Scratches, sun discoloration, wear from chairs, dropped items... none of it is covered in their LIFETIME warranty. We are trying to sell our home and the floor is a major sticking point.

We cannot afford another $4000 floor so we are taking a hit on our selling price. Another local installer cannot even get replacement tiles to fix the messed up ones.

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I also have a duraceramic floor from congoleum. it is a piece of junk.

it chips and pitts without cause.

the company is lousy to deal with. a class action lawsuit awarded me some money, but not enough.


my husband and I just purschased a house and the previous owner had put duraceramic in the kitchen and i had noticed a big indention in a piece in a noticable area in the floor and it made me wonder if i want to expand that flooring in the dining area which is open from the kitchen and into another room...the answer is I dont think so!


My husband installed the Duraceramic flooring over 4 years ago when we did a complete kitchen remodel and I love the product. The floor looks like new still.

I suspect the differences in the reviews has to do with the the look individuals are going for. I like the fact that this product is not shiny and the color choice I made hide dirt very well. After installing the floor, my husband and son move in the refrigerator on a dolly and the refrigerator slipped off the side and put a large dent in the flooring. I was sick about it but we decided to leave it be for a while.

After a couple of months, I notice the dent correcting itself and now you cannot tell what file that happened on. We are getting ready to remodel a rental property and will be using Duraceramic in that property as well.


This product sucks and is not suitable for the market. You are absolutely right they have lifetime warranty on nothing!


My floor was installed with the house in 2007 and I have hated this floor from the first time I had to clean it!! It is horrible, it scratches, it is very difficult to keep clean...worst floor ever. :(


I have had this tile in an upstairs bath for over two years, and haven't had a problem. Also, installed in the kitchen without a problem. Maybe the problem is with the installer and /or homeowner, or both.


As a flooring contractor who has sold and installed numerous Dura Ceramic jobs over the years I am surprised by the negative reports here on the product. While no flooring is perfect, each and every one of my Dura Ceramic customers has been very pleased with theirs and all have recommended it to friends.

Given the popularity of wood floors in kitchens (probably the worst possible choice)it is clear that flooring dealers are not properly educating their customers on the relative advantages and

disadvantages of different product applications. Also, Dura Ceramic is not really a DIY product, given the unique

adhesive and acrylic grout. For example, my suspicion on the dull finish complaint id that the grout film was not removed from the tile immediately, in which case it is almost impossible to remove at all. Of course, subfloor conditions are critical to the performance of many flooring products, and most DIYers don't have the expertise to evaluate subfloor conditions. There are plenty of products out there that deserve the bad rap they get, bt in my experience, Dura Ceramic is not one of them.


"Why are these reports so different?"

Quite possibly the installation wasn't done properly.

Anybody and everybody wants to believe that the stuff is so EZ to do when the reality is there is a lot more to it when it comes to proper prep and grouting of this product.


We have had a Duraceramic Congoleum kitchen floor for approx. 4yrs and these reviews are correct.

We have a 20 (off at school) and 2 year old and clean the floor once a week. It DOES NOT HOLD UP to daily wear and tear. There are cracks in well over 1/3 of the tiles, some spanning 2-3 tiles. The grout cracked and separated from the sides of some tiles.

The mfr offered to give us 10 whole new tiles. Whoopee. Do not dare drop a spoon, fork or other item on it as it chips and dents. It's non-wax which is great but it's so dull it looks dirty all the time.

The nooks and crannies fill with dirt and require scrubbing with a brush on your hands and knees. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

to Patti T New Albany, Indiana, United States #761787

I feel your pain. This is the worse flooring to keep clean.

I told our salesman that we have small children and needed something durable and easily cleanable. We got shafted on both.

Not good for normal family traffic. Cracks and looks dingy.


I just read the Consumer Reports rating on this floor. They tested the Duraceramic directly in their labs and rated it excellent for wear, scratches, dents, stains, etc. Why are these reports here so different?

to thhweb1 #605735

This is probably partially installer, partially product quality. I have a 4-yr-old duraceramic kitchen and 95% of the tiles are fine, but the surface wore off a few unexplainably - no more exposure than other tiles that didnt wear. Trying to get satisfaction out of manufacturer now - but would not risk this product again - go with the real thing, the extra cost is worth it :sigh

to GW Dover, New Jersey, United States #926183

we installed this flooring in our kitchen back in 2006. within a few months the surface began to wear and anything dropped on it chipped the tile.

Congoleum replaced the entire floor after much haggling. They said someone must be wearing high heel shoes! We walk around in socks! The second floor is no better.

Terrible product. Do yourself a favor and buy something else.

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