We had Congoleum tile professionally installed, because it was advertised as having superior durability. What a joke!

This stuff breaks, dents, and chips more easily than any other tile I've ever seen. A child's toy dropped on this tile caused the top layer to actually break and flake off. After just a year, the floor was thoroughly cracked and broken, with missing pieces large enough to see the concrete foundation through. This tile is so bad, there's even a "Congoleum by Duraceramic tile sucks" Facebook page (that I found; I didn't create it).

Finally, we are having it replaced with proper tile. Too bad it means we have to pay a second time to have our floor tile done because of Congoleum.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Not a Duraceramic problem, as a contractor I can see the concrete cracked beneath your Duraceramic, how can the Duraceramic be expected to hold up when the substrate supposed to support the Duraceramic failed first? IMHO Ceramic tile would have been way worse with less foundation cracking.

Seattle, Washington, United States #901295

FYI, the way it's cracking suggests foundational issue ( settling/sinking). If this is the case, it will happen with any tile product.


That crack would have been caused by floor movement. If it was a "product" issue only one tile would have cracked. I hope under your new tile you have eliminated all possibilities floor movement or you will have the same issues again.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #845438

Your sales person should have warned you about roller chairs (as the one in your picture) they are a no go for almost every product sold - and by using them....you have voided your warranty. Back to your duraceramic cracking issue.....I am willing to bet the concrete surface below the tile was not prepared properly and as a result....the subfloor cracking is transferring to and through the duraceramic tile......and you will have this same issue with proper tile as well.

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