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Installed spring 2008. Looked great as I expected.

No problems with installers. Within months noticed a gouge from a dropped cooking utensil. Obviously not a good thing for any floor - passed it off as our fault and vowed to try and fix it some day. I believe I was wrong, as time progressed there were more and more gouges.

It seems that whenever anything not made of rubber was dropped it pierced the top layer resulting in gouges of various sizes. I became disgusted with the product but did not make any attempt at reconciliation with Congoleum - He is a good relation, I gave him my business and he gave a good price. I have had no issues with the install! I thought there were 10 or 15 gouges -wrong, when I got down yesterday to try and repair them I used blue painters to mark them.

There were 56 in 26 tiles, in a diffident pattern of where work was performed - not traffic. This Product has zero impact / puncture resistance! Issue 2: I used plastic gliders under the kitchen table chairs - another mistake on my part. This took time and was gradual, but the result was far worse than the gouging.

The plastic which was smooth to begin with became rough over time - I do not know why, their only home was on this floor. I assume after becoming rough they acted like sandpaper on the floor and took off the top of the raised surface (really nice when new) and left a pure white top layer inner surface. It seems the color in the top layer (which is maybe 1/16 inch thick) is only surface deep (maybe 1/32 inch or less). Doesn't take much abrasion to get down to pure white material.

This floor has zero abrasion resistance! I selected this product because In thought it would be warmer than real ceramic tile - maybe, and softer - yes. Don't purchase this product for endurance - it has ZERO! After looking at the box of unused tile, I noticed this product has a "Lifelong Limited Warranty" - I just may pursue that...

Today I tried 'Roberts' Vinyl Floor Patch Kit on the 60 gouges, yes, I found more. So far they look great - meaning they are invisible! Easy enough, but took most of the day. Time will tell how long they last...

The only way to cure the abrasion that i/ can think of is to replace the 17 affected tiles. Big job for me.

I replace one years ago and it took most of a day trying to scrape the tile cement off the 1/4 inch luan underlayment using blow torch but not too much cause of the wood below and good tiles beside. Came out great.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of congoleum tiles from Congoleum and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2000 and wants Congoleum to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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