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Duraceramic does not live up to the manufacturers claims. After spending over $2000.00 on the product and installing myself I am not pleased with its performance.

Just at the 2 year mark I have many scratched tiles along with many chipped tiles. I installed it in my kitchen which flows into a family room,

mud room and laundry room. To replace will be a major job.

I was looking for a product that would look like ceramic tile without having to worry about it chipping or breaking if something was dropped on it but I didn't find it in this product. Replacing ceramic tile would be easier because the glue used on the duraceramic is a job getting off the sub-floor.

Be careful what you buy. My 20 year olg vinyl held up better.

Review about: Congoleum Tiles.

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Whoever told you it is as strong as ceramic for breaking/chipping is at fault. It is NOT!

Single tiles can be replaced w/ a heat gun, usually fairly simply.

You won't get the glue up if you replace the floor, but this is true of other glue-down products as well. Install a floating floor on top, or remove tiles and install new 1/4" ply for a new smooth surface.

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