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We purchased and installed duraceramics in our kitchen and hallway approx 5 years ago. Within a couple months we had the retailer back to replace several tiles that appeared to be flawed and/or had bad chips in them after a kitchen utensil (knife or fork) had been dropped and hit the floor causing a HUGE chip out of the tile.

I have been checking the internet for years now to find others that are not happy with this product. I am soooo happy to finally find this web site.

I was hoping to find a class action suit against the manufacturer for this inferior product. In short, this product is *** - do not waste your money.

Review about: Congoleum Tiles.

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I agree this stuff is junk. The installer did not install correct had to redo the grout 2 times.

The grout is *** as well. After the owner sold the company and move out of the country. The new owner honored the warranty of the store and regrouted. That did not work and the finish started to chip up and scratch.

We had to sue and that went nowhere as the Sheriff's dept we paid to serve the documents failed to do that properly. At this point we gave up and will never use this product or any product from Congoleum again. We a friends wife was talking with her neighbor a floor sales rep she was trying to sell her this JUNK I spoke up and said I would be happy to send her pictures of how bad mine look after 3 yrs.

DO NOT BUY A WASTE OF MONEY. I agree their should be a class action suit I would join.


Your out of your mind. You obviously have caused the damage to the tiles yourself by dropping pointed kitchen utensils on them. It will chip if this is done at the right angle.


I have to seriously question some of the comments I read here. Could some of these folks have received sub-par installations?

I am an experienced DIYer, and I installed over 300 sq ft of Duraceramic Plus RU-47 in our kitchen over two years ago. I used a quality underlayment and the Duraceramic adhesive. I grouted the tiles using the Duraceramic grout.

The floor looks as good today as when I installed it, and I am very particular. I could not be happier with it, and now my wife wants the same floor put in our sun room.

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