I am PISSED with Congoleum duraceramic floor tile. Less then two years old white spots began to appear under dining room chairs.

Chairs have always had felt pads on legs and they are change regularly as needed. When an inspector came to look he said it was caused by surface being abraded! My wife keeps our house immaculate with the floors cleaned regularly. There is not sand or dirt ever on this floor.

The floor is ONLY TWO YEARS OLD NOT eight or ten.

It seems the Congoleum company is aware and will not make good on their inferior products performance and until they do I will relay this story to as many people as I can. DO NOT USE CONGOLEUM DURACERAMIC IT IS *** and I have to replace it -FOR SURE IT WILL NOT BE WITH A CONGOLEUM PRODUCT!!!!

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Belgrade, Nebraska, United States #899384

Same here. 3 years old - white spots and cracks.

Very disappointed. I'll never have another Congoleum product.


I have a black and white Congoleum Duraceramic in my kitchen It is less than 2 years old... The Black is wearing off around the edges of about 12 of the tiles. I am not happy.


Thanks for your comment. I too have Duraceramic flooring in my kitchen.

It is only two year's old and under the chair's it is showing white spots also. I use chair pads on the legs and still it is wearing. Not happy with the product. Will not use again.

It is not cheap either.

Looks nice at first, but then it starts to show wear very quickly. I am unhappy with the product, since we will be selling our home soon and don't want to have to replace it before we move.

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