We had our kitchen area professionally tiled several years ago. A place underneath a chair created a white spot that began to grow.

We tried cleaning it, but eventually determined the color was wearing. It looked horrible. We sent pictures to Congoleum, they claimed wear was impossibe, and that we were obviously using a caustic cleaner. They said paint it.

We replaced the tile with the same lot. Same result. This is my third attempt.

When I can afford to replace my kitchen tile it will not be with a Congoleum product. Their products lack integrity, So does the company.

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We installed DuraCermaic with a complete kitchen remodel. The floor surface just wears through to the white subsurface - everywhere - in bits and pices through normal foot traffic and the worst beneath felt-padded chair legs.

Horrible, horrible stuff.

$4500 down the drain. We'll be replacing with ceramic tile soon - as we should have done from the beginning.


Bob is completely incorrect! We DO have felt pads on our chairs and we also have the same damage.

There are no nicks or cuts; the color has completely worn off where the chairs are used. After inspecto was here we were left with the same result as the others.

I too tried to contact the company to ask for help. Was not even graced with the courtesy of a reply.


I love my dura ceramic flooring. I have it in two homes and will soon be installing it in a third location.

Felt pads on chairs are a must.

No product can take repeated rubbing from chairs including ceramic tile. :)


If you would have read the proper care instructions on your purchase of Duraceramic you would have seen that it is recommended to put the felt pad on all chair legs. If you chose not to do this the result will be exactly what is happening to your floor. Your the one with the problem, it's NOT the product.

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