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I replaced my flooring in July 2011 with Duraceramic because I was told it was extremely durable and had a great guarantee. Six months later the top layer of the flooring wore off everywhere we had chairs, even though I had felt pads on the bottoms.

This was not 6 years! It was 6 months. I was also told during installation that if a tile was ever damaged it could be simply replaced by heating the old one, peeling it off and replacing with a new one. When I called C & R carpet (Fredericksburg, VA) with my complaint, the manager came to my house and made all kinds of excuses for this product.

First he said I didn't clean it properly, then he said I used poor felt on the chairs, then he said it was normal wear. I kept getting angrier and angrier until he finally said he would contact Congoleum. Congoleum sent a rep and then sent an independent analyst with a camera and test tubes (literally). A month later the installer called me and said congoleum would replace the damaged tiles.

They sent 4 boxes and I was content with the solution. The installer came a week or so later and began to replace the tile. He spent 45 minutes with a scraper and torch to get up one (1) tile! The tile was in hundreds of pieces and the old linoleum underneath it was destroyed.

He concluded it was impossible and that the whole floor needed to be replaced. He put one of the new tiles in it's place and now it is uneven with the rest of the floor and is a different shade due to the lot color variation. Needless to say, it is an eyesore. After discussing the matter with C & R, who was working with Congoleum, the manager handed me off to a Congoleum rep.

i discussed the matter with her and she stated congoleum already tried to rectify my complaint. I explained the fact that the tile was nearly impossible to remove and that I had an odd and uneven spot in my kitchen. She said she would see what Congoleum could do for me. She never called back or made any effort- just blew me off.

I am so angry over this I would like to get a class action law suit going.

I waited 6 months and now I am ready to take action, including calling 7 on your side. Please let me know if you would like to band together to take action.


Product or Service Mentioned: Congoleum Tiles.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I LOVE my Duraceramic floor. Best floor I ever had.

Going on 8 years now. It's in my foyer. Sounds like your problem is installer related. Not product related.

I would NEVER install this over vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is flexible and will cause the new tile to flex.

Trenton, Michigan, United States #945683

How do I get in on the class action lawsuit against Congoleum?

Seattle, Washington, United States #901320

They installed it over the laminate??? You need to contact the installer..

They messed up by putting the duraceramic over it. It is "Not recommended" by installation guide. http://www.congoleum.com/brochures/DuraCeramic%20Install%20Gd.pdf .

I would suspect the contractor is liable in this case to replace the whole floor.


Thanks so much for the link to the lawsuit. Did you get on board and how so?

It has been three years now since I had the flooring installed. After analysis, congoleum agreed to replace the 4 or five damaged boxes to remediate my claim but when the installer tried ( he apparently used the wrong glue)he tore up the floor below after spending 45 minutes trying to get up one tile!

New Jersey, United States #890839

Hi Rick --- I had the same problem and found out that there is a class action suite against congoleum. For additional info go here https://www.truthinadvertising.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Minor-v.-Congoleum-Corp-complaint-.pdf

Did you ever go to 7 on your side??

Columbia, Tennessee, United States #889310

I spoke with a contractor this morning. He left dozens of samples for me to look at.

I read your comments....now I am moving on. Forget about this stuff and go with the traditional hard tile.

Villa Park, Illinois, United States #811010

count me in if there is momentum to pursue this we got similar treatment and are currently replacing our floor. The Congoleum expert told us to clean it with nail polish. Congoleum will no longer return our calls.


duraceramic installed 10/06- l-shaped kitchen with door wall on southern exposure. Literature and warranty states it will not fade.

$2700 for product and install. Wall by sliding glass door and 5 tiles wide by 4 tiles long is over 50% faded.

Angry! Will be contacting Congo directly.

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